Contraception Education: The Board Game
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The Board Game

CONTRACEPTION: The Board Game® an interactive sex education resource was developed in line with DfES Sex and Relationship Guidance (DfES 2000), and in consultation with young people.

"It was a good laugh and you learn without realising it"

Our evaluations show  that young people discuss more about safe sex, sexual health and contraception in a relaxed, enjoyable, constructive peer-group setting, around the board.

What young people say about Contraception: the Board Game®.

"Risk Cards create good discussion and debate"
"Question cards were informative"
"The game is informal and fun"
"Nothing could be improved - all trainees opted to play the game again"
"It gives information"
"You get to see the contraceptives" 
"The cards told me what was good and bad"
"I liked the way the board was set out and how you got cards each time"
"It was a fun way and set out different questions and options"
"There are a lot of things to do and it's very informative" "Interesting questions"
"Putting a condom on"
"It teaches a lot about safe sex" 
"Learning about the risks"
"It was funny when people picked up the risks"
"It was a good laugh and you learn without realising it".
"It's exciting as you want to know what you'll get"
"It allowed me to learn all the safety points and the risky points on having sex"
"It was very informative"
"It will help us when we're older".
"It was revision for me but I liked the way we were allowed to demonstrate with condoms"
"Fun to play and very informative"
"It gave a lot of information and involved everybody"
"Interesting because it was full of information and had a lot of things to do"
"I thought it looked really attractive"
"It will give people the answers to what they want instead of talking to people"

Audio Comments

> Listen to comments made by a teenage player interviewed for BBC Radio 4's "You and Yours"

> Listen to what one youth worker says about Contraception: the Board Game® (Mpg file). Tom Cole from Ordsall Youth Centre was interviewed for the Real World Focus Project after playing the game with a team of young people.

> Listen to what a Head Teacher says about Contraception:the Board Game®

> Listen to comments made on BBC Radio and on Granada Reports by a Head Teacher following a pilot of the game in a secondary School with Year 9 students

How to play the Game

As players move around the board they come into contact with statements and questions which stimulate discussion and reinforce or elicit teacher input.

Playing CONTRACEPTION® highlights areas where understanding may be lacking.

The game looks at the mechanics of contraception through questions and true / false statements.

Through these statements clear distinction is made between safe and risky sexual behaviour.

Advancing around the board brings players into contact with various advice centres and resources where contraceptive and sexual health services can be accessed: e.g. Young Persons Sexual Health Services, pharmacy, condom machines, GP's, Family Planning Clinics and Accident and Emergency Units.

Players are also directed at various intervals during the game to make an assertive statement which strengthens their ability to express their own needs and decline unwanted pressure.

Peer education is a key feature of the game. At certain stages a question card will present two options, for example (1) Using the condom demonstrator (included in the game) show the group how to put on a condom. OR (2) Answer a question. The game therefore offers the group peer education opportunities in a safe environment, practising use of language relating to safe sex, whilst building confidence.

Players should have facilitator support at any time during the game. A comprehensive illustrated set of facilitators notes, including "pre-and post-" questions accompany the game, and the links from this site enable students to engage in fact finding using the resources page and links page and the news page.