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Contraception Education has been coordinating searches and has now gathered links to numerous national and international contraception and sexual health materials and Web Sites, providing access to the latest resources and also to their reviews. Contraception Education works alongside and with the organisations to provide a more coordinated view of what is available. We also really enjoy using on-line social networks and would love you to follow us there too
Several excellent brightly coloured and accessible downloads - e.g. young peoples guides to sex, relationships, contraception, HIV and AIDS
other HIV / AIDS links:
British HIV Association -
Terence Higgins Trust -
AIDS Helpline (NI) Phone: 0800 137 437
British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) Information and counselling on pregnancy issues, abortion and fertility. Telephone number: 0845 730 4030
BPAS supports reproductive choice by advocating and providing high-quality affordable services for those who wish to prevent an unplanned pregnancy with contraception or end one with abortion
Brook website promoting free and confidential sex and contraception advice for young people. Site contains national contacts and very helpful information and advice.
These offer young people advice, counselling and medical help on contraception, pregnancy, abortion and sexual health.
Telephone: 0800 0185 023
Condom website.
Factual and non judgmental education and advice about abortion by the registered charity Education for Choice (now part of Brook)
Gives broad info fertility awareness and natural family planning, but does not teach the method, contact can be made with trained teachers for this - NB this method does not offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
The Family Planning Association website. Information and educational resources training, research, and advocacy. Links to other organisations. Contraceptive Education Services.
Information service on family planning and all aspects of sexual health.
Helpline: 020 7837 4044
For general health information.
The Website of ASHA The American Social Health Association. This provides extensive information, written for young people in reasonably accessible language, about sexual issues. There is a game room, a chat room, a huge glossary of terms, pages for example on coping during puberty, choosing to have sex.
For mates condoms.
The National Children's Bureau's web page which includes a vast range of sex education resources, books, policy reviews and summaries of research into sexual behaviour and attitudes.
NHS Direct Tel 08454647 Health information via the phone or on-line. Downloadable.
This is a USA Website with information about Emergency Contraception and many other sexual health and contraception issues. It offers a balanced perspective incorporating both easy to read information and also research papers and academic websites.
Condom website.
The Sexual Respect Toolkit has been developed to help GPs and other Health and Social Care Professionals to feel more comfortable initiating discussions and molising services around sex.
"Cringe-free health info for teenagers, from your friendly virtual doctor"
The Website of Youth Net Uk. A site for young people including sex, pregnancy, sexual health relationships and much more. Very clear information and advice, very easy to navigate, young people evidently very comfortable here in raising their queries on sexual matters.