Jason's Private World - DVD
  • Jason's Private World - DVD

Jason's Private World - DVD

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A sex education DVD for boys and young men with learning disabilities.  



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This DVD has a strong emphasis on consent and how to say both "No" and understand when someone else says "No".  The use of condoms for safer sex is also emphasised.  With standard English subtitles.

The following topics are covered:

Growing up and the changes from childhood to adulthood
Self examination and privacy
Keeping clean and personal hygiene
Relationships, love and affection
Introduction to Kylie (Jason's girlfriend)
Consent, privacy, trust and how to deal with unwanted sexual advances
Consent, approaching someone and understanding "Yes" and "No"
Being alone and loneliness
When Jason met Kylie, consent, love and affection in relationships
Sex and consent within relationships, safer sex and condoms, privacy
Consent and how to use condoms, disposal of condoms
Love and affection in relationships
Where to get condoms and advice
Sex and people's attitudes, privacy and consent


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