Plain knitted Uterus
  • Plain knitted Uterus
  • Plain knitted Uterus
  • Plain Knitted Uterus
  • Plain Knitted Uterus

Plain Knitted Uterus

VAT included

Used as a teaching aid to show how the cervix dilates during labour.

Available with or without a placenta

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This is a plain knitted uterus in a dark pink colour.  It has a ribbed cervix/cuff with ribbon threaded through it to help keep it shut when there is a doll inside. The uterus measures approx 11" (28cm) from edge of cuff to the top, 8.5" unstretched at it's widest point and the cuff is 4" unstretched. The uterus is made from acrylic yarn and is machine washable at 30'C, airdry. Remove ribbon before washing.

The placenta is lightly stuffed with a red side as the side that is attached to the wall of the uterus.  The other side has an umbilical cord attached.  The placenta attaches to the uterus with velcro and there is another small piece of velcro at the end of the cord to use to attach the cord to the doll. The placenta measures approximately 4¼" thick.  The cord is approximately 12" long but this will vary depending on how many twists get sewn into it. 

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