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EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 4 - HYGIENE Maximize

EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 4 - HYGIENE

These 'Choice' Discussion Cards are No. 4 of ten discussion card sets in the EGAR HEALTH series and is focused on HYGIENE.

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It highlights to young people about their personal hygiene and keeping themselves clean.  What we do to keep clean and more importantly why and when we keep clean.  It will raise awareness of the importance of washing our bodies, our hair, using soap and shampoo, nice smells, fresh clothes and confidence.  How our feelings and self esteem are affected by it and how our own personal hygiene will enhance our lives.  These discussion cards are a good introductory tool for use with a piece of themed work on this subject.  Young people get the chance to learn about hygiene skills and staff or parents can facilitate open and honest discussion either on a one to one basis or in a group setting using the cards enclosed.  A subtle way of reminding teenagers to wash!


1 Box with cover
1 Instruction Card
1 Question Card
1 Ground Rules Card
1 Customer Pledge
1 Parents Guide Card
1 Answer Card
1 Other Ideas for This Game Card
20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards