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EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 3 - ADDICTIONS Maximize

EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 3 - ADDICTIONS

These 'Choice' Discussion Cards are No. 3 of ten discussion card sets in the EGAR HEALTH series and is focused on ADDICTIONS.

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These 'Choice' Discussion cards are focused on ADDICTIONS.  What is an Addiction?  It will explore young peoples knowledge about addiction, causes, affects and the behaviour that can develop through an addiction. Young people often become addicted to substances unintentionally and do not realise the dangers of these habits.  These discussion cards will challenge mindsets and attitudes, to open up conversations and understanding about this subject and support them to realise the dangers involved, in order to lead far healthier lives. The discussion cards are a great introduction to a themed piece of work you may be doing around Drugs Awareness or any similar work that is linked to an addiction.


1 Box with cover
1 Instruction Card
1 Question Card
1 Ground Rules Card
1 Customer Pledge
1 Parents Guide Card
1 Answer Card
1 Other Ideas for This Game Card
20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards