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Drugs: Facts and Fiction DVD (UK) Maximize

Drugs: Facts and Fiction DVD (UK)

This (2009) programme for KS4-KS5 explores what drugs are, describes legal and illegal drugs, the effect of drugs and what to do in a crisis and prevention and treatment strategies.

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Featuring case studies of two young adults who have been negatively affected by drugs.  It covers:

  • What are drugs? – they alter normal body function, depressants, stimulants or hallucinogens.  Their effects when abused or misused.
  • Legal drugs – how overuse and abuse of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and medications can lead to social and health problems.
  • Illegal drugs – how cannabis, amphetamines, heroin and hallucinogens can be harmful and cause social, health and legal problems.
  • What to do in a crisis – the problem signs, dealing with emergency services, putting health before legal issues and looking out for friends.
  • Prevention and treatment – involving friends and family; getting knowledge and treatment from organisations and support groups.


Chapterised DVD with English captions for the deaf or hearing impaired.  Programme support notes.