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Human Reproduction and Childbirth DVD

This (2008) DVD provides an overview of human reproduction, the male and female reproductive systems, fertilization and embryonic/foetal development, pregnancy and childbirth.  Suitable for KS3 students.

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It deals in turn with the following topics:

  • The male reproductive system – identifies the main structures, explains the process of sperm formation and the functions of ducts and glands and shows the path of sperm through the system.
  • The female reproductive system – describes each structure and its function, shows an egg maturing in an ovary and its path through the system and explains menstruation.
  • Fertilisation – animation shows the path of egg and sperm in the female reproductive system resulting in fertilisation and the development and transfer of the fertilised egg to the uterus.
  • Pregnancy – animation shows the formation of the embryo, placenta, amniotic membranes and continuing foetal development; this is combined with an interview of a young couple expecting a baby who describe how the pregnancy has affected their lives.
  • Giving birth – animation shows the birth process and the young couple talk about their joy at the birth of their baby daughter.

A detailed teacher's guide is supplied on the DVD version (includes photocopiable activity and fact sheets).