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Teenage Drinking: Facts and Fiction DVD

Alcohol is a popular and widely used recreational drug but how does binge drinking affect individuals physically, socially and psychologically?

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This (2009) programme for KS4-KS5 looks the effects of alcohol, the reasons for binge drinking, alcohol addiction, associated risks and responsible behaviour.  It covers:

  • Effects of alcohol – on the liver, brain, central nervous system; changes of behaviour; long term physical effects: relationships, finances;
  • Reasons for binge drinking and addiction – drinking to feel “normal” or cope with problems, withdrawal symptoms, nausea and anxiety;
  • Associated risks with binge drinking – illegal underage drinking, drink driving, physical and sexual assaults; legal ramifications;
  • Consequences – social and emotional; kills more people than other drugs; increased unsafe sex; unwanted pregnancies and STI’s; and
  • Responsible behaviour – drink responsibly, eat properly and drink water; look out for friends and encourage them to act responsibly.

Chapterised DVD with English captions for the deaf or hearing impaired.  Programme support notes.