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EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 7 - BEREAVEMENT Maximize

EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 7 - BEREAVEMENT

These 'Choice' Discussion Cards are No. 7 of eight discussion card sets in the EGAR HEALTH series and is focused on BEREAVEMENT. 

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This is a sensitive discussion card set and one that can be used to explore what death and bereavement bring to the lives of people who have lost a close friend, relative or someone they admired.  This discussion will give knowledge to young people who have not experienced bereavement and it will inspire those who have to open up and talk about the subject, if they so wish.  These discussion cards are good for teenagers who are confused about the subject and cannot understand the emotions they may be going through around losing someone close to them.  With knife, gun and gang culture and the storm of youth on youth murders happening, some young people have experienced this loss early, with the instant senseless, premature feelings along with it.

This Bereavement Card Set is now being used successfully in adult services i.e. Hospices and Counselling Services.

1 Box with cover
1 Instruction Card
1 Question Card
1 Ground Rules Card
1 Customer Pledge
1 Parents Guide Card
1 Answer Card
1 Other Ideas for This Game Card
20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards