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Caution: Teenager Under Construction DVD

This (2007) DVD goes beyond the physical manifestations of puberty and discusses the enormous emotional, social and developmental changes that accompany adolescence.  Suitable for students aged 11-14.  

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It explores the following issues:

  • The terrible too’s – how teenagers develop at different rates and many fear they aren’t normal if they don’t look a certain way by a certain     age - worrying about being ‘too tall’, ‘too short’ etc;
  • Questioning everything – how teenagers become more curious during puberty, leading them to question adults and authority but also to become more independent and responsible;
  • Parents – how teenagers’ relationships with parents change during adolescence, which can sometimes cause conflict;
  • Friends – how friendships and relationships become more important as teenagers get older and stress can be caused by peer pressure and the desire to be popular;
  • Getting help – how teenagers can go to people they trust for help and advice - parents, teachers. etc.

The programme’s message is that there is no single “blueprint” for how a teenager is built – what matters most is acceptance of self and others, and the idea that adolescence is not a destination but an important milestone in a journey that lasts a lifetime.