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EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 5 - SEX EDUCATION Maximize

EGAR Choice Discussion Cards [Series 1A] Game 5 - SEX EDUCATION

These 'Choice' Discussion Cards are No. 5 of eight discussion card sets in the EGAR HEALTH series and is focused on SEX EDUCATION. 

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These 'Choice' Discussion Cards will explore young people's understanding of Sex Education.  They will encourage discussion about this subject and enhance their learning and knowledge of it.  These Discussion Cards will also develop their communication skills to talk about other areas involved about this issue, they will also learn about the 'safety' aspect at this time.  Young people do experiment, it is important they have good knowledge about these areas of life before they start to do this.  There are extra ground rules in this set of discussion cards to support young people to open up and talk about their feelings, emotions and worries.

1 Box with cover
1 Instruction Card
1 Question Card
1 Ground Rules Card
1 Customer Pledge
1 Parents Guide Card
1 Answer Card
1 Other Ideas for This Game Card
20+ Smaller Choice Answer Cards