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The New Guide to Relationships and Sex - DVD Maximize

The New Guide to Relationships and Sex - DVD

A DVD about sex and relationship education for young people in secondary and further education and suitable for use with mainstream SEN students.

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Carefully developed to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive resource, the New Guide to Relationships and Sex has been produced using 3D animation throughout. The DVD is presented by two engaging characters and uses a simple menu system to offer a comprehensive guide to all the main aspects of sex education and surrounding issues. Divided into 5 main topics each with a menu featuring a series of video sequences that explore the issues facing young people in an informative and engaging way. Also includes subtitles in large clear text.

The DVD menu covers the following topics:
Growing up and Body Changes
Menstruation and Periods
Masturbation and Privacy
First Dates and Petting
Self Examination and Privacy
Sex and Attitudes
Help and Advice
Consent and Unwanted Sexual Advances
Pregnancy and Birth
Sex, Virginity, Consent and Condoms
'Yes' and 'No'
Gay and Straight Relationships
Sexual Pleasure and Contraception
Gay Sex